Advantages of a Digital Microscope

Before we set into knowing the advantages of a digital microscope, I would love us to first know what this digital microscope is. A digital microscope is a microscope that has the advanced technical camera that displays the image seen through the eyepiece all the way to the computer screen.

Advantages of a digital microscope

I vividly remember the hard times in my Biology classes when we observed specimen with our small microscope. I thought I was the only one who found it difficult to see microorganisms that we were to observe only to find out that almost everyone worked on assumptions. We worked hard to cram the features that were written in the textbooks so that we can write them as the ones we observed using the microscope. All these problems could be history to us if only the digital microscope was available. Unlike the microscope we used that had images that we could hardly see, the digital microscope has a high resolution of up to x5000. With the digital microscope the learners have a reason to smile because the Biology lesson will be absolutely fun.

Most people if not all will agree that a microscope was not a walk in the park to use. Some could peep to see what the next person was doing in order to follow. Thanks to the digital microscope any person can easily operate it. Many people will assume that being a digital microscope it will be hard to operate but it is quite the opposite. The digital microscope has steps to follow. For example, if you want to adjust to a certain resolution you just do that by clicking on a button. It is just like using a smartphone.

The digital microscope has the ability to save the images that are being observed as well as print them. This will help in future reference, and has made it easier for many people in different professions. Let us take an example of an audiologist, the audiologist can examine the ear of a patient and print the image that has been observed. The audiologist will then examine the ear in the printed image over a period of time. This has saved time of both the patient as well as that of the doctor because he or she will need to observe the ear once and use the printed to examine the problem unless otherwise.

The images viewed can still be shared with people in different locations with this the digital microscope. The audiologist can send the images to other experts within just a few seconds and all of them examine the ear and come up with a solution without even meeting.

The digital microscope can be connected to a projector hence the image can be viewed by many people on the whiteboard. This has saved time for the teacher and the learner because the teacher will use a common image to explain to the learners unlike when the learners are making a line to examine the specimen.


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